WHY PURCHASE FROM US? - Dirt Ebikes NZ is authorised SUR RON ELECTRIC BIKE and ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE distributors for New Zealand. We have been riding and upgrading  SUR-RON ELECTRIC DIRTEBIKES for over 4 years now.We ride ,test and recommend only the best upgrades we use on our own SUR RONS.After 4 years tinkering our product knowledge is world leading.

We are a specialist authorised SUR-RON EBIKE and SEGWAY DIRTEBIKE dealers with an online store. At Dirt Ebikes NZ we live and breathe electric bikes and motorbikes. Our mission is to bring to New Zealand the best  high powered electric technology and enhancements for the SUR-RON and SEGWAY range.  We supply a range of other complimentary  products hand built in New Zealand and from around the globe and that you simply cannot purchase anywhere else. All of our Electric products have been tested and certified and come with a standard warranty. Our fantastic product range along with our expertise and excellent customer service from highly knowledgeable staff allow us to create the easiest and most pleasant shopping experience for these high end electric bikes that is currently possible.

    WHY SHOULD YOU RIDE AN EBIKE OR EMOTO? We are in a changing world where electric technology is developing fast. Covid times have us questing our old ways and we find ourselves getting back to our roots. Adventures are back on the agenda. Petrol combustion engine dirt and road bikes leave a carbon footprint that often outweighs their value. Electric torque is instant and damn fun. Try it. Riding an Ebike can get you back on a bike again – get you further than an normal bike in comfort and in style and help you commute in a fun, clean and green way. In New Zealand 80% of our electricity is regenerated from natural sources resulting in an 80% less carbon emissions.

    WHAT ARE YOUR PAYMENT OPTIONS? - Currently bank transfer.  Several more options to be added in the coming days.

    HOW DO I PRE-ORDER THE EBIKE OR EMOTO I WANT? - Click on the link on the product you have interest on our website – click on the pre-order link and complete your details on the pre-order page and we will be in touch to sort out the logistics of your pre-order with exact specifics of your bike, as estimated lead time and the standard pre order deposit of $1,100. You can also phone or email and sort out with us the pre order logistics this way. We want to make sure you have full transparency over pre-ordering a bike. 50% of the cost of your purchase will need to be paid when your bike is being manufactured and the balance of the amount due prior to delivery to you. Note that pre-order deposits are fully refundable up to the point that your bike is to be manufactured and you will be asked to pay the balance of the 50% cost at that point. After that point – then deposits are not refundable as your bike is made to order – but Dirt Ebikes NZ will do our very best to transfer your allotted bike to another person and if successful will be able to refund up to 85% of that amount you have paid. 

    ARE ELECTRIC BIKES LEGAL, AND DO I NEED A LICENSE TO RIDE ONE? - Most of our products are over the legal limit in Australia and NZ for an Ebike and we sell them to you for off road use. We endorse  safe and considerate riding wherever you ride, there’s a time and a place for racing.

    Other e-motos we sell may be road registered or registerable in your area. We can help with this process on selected models.

    Whatever you buy from us – how you use it is clearly your own choice and at your own risk.. we urge you common sense and restraint and ask you to use Ebikes and E-motos in sensible locations and with extra caution towards your health and the safety of others around you.

    WHAT TYPE OF WARRANTY DOES MY PRODUCT COME WITH? - We offer Electric Bikes and Moto’s from  SUR-RON a trusted and preferred EBIKE and ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE manufacturer whose products are leading this world wide EMOTO revolution so you can rest assured products offered for sale by Dirt Ebikes NZ Ltd have been tested over and over again – these are great bikes. We offer warranties on all of our products that are unique to that product and model. If in doubt on what that is – please ask us. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for full information.